Hydrant Flushing


Fire hydrants are flushed regularly to make sure they work when needed. Hydrants are flushed to remove mineral deposits that may occur inside the water distribution pipes.

Flushing hydrants can cause discoloration problems in the water. Do not be alarmed if your water is discolored, it may be from the presence of manganese. Manganese is a common element found in minerals, rocks, and soil. It is also a normal part of a healthy diet and an essential nutrient for many living organisms, including humans.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine where any discoloration problems or sediment may occur.

Water is safe to drink! Manganese in drinking water may cause taste, odor, and color problems and can stain clothes and fixtures inside your home. Residents are cautioned against doing laundry, especially whites, while crews are in the area.  You can clear your water up simply by running cold water.


If you experience problems, you may contact the water department at 304-882-3203.